ZAMPRO PETROLEUM (M) SDN BHD  (before known as ZAMPRO ENTERPRISE MALAYSIA) were successful major local and international petroleum trader. The organization engages in-trade in its own right as authorised trader and also in joint venture collaborations with it’s several strategic local & international associates to supplied petroleum products to the end buyer worldwide.

ZAMPRO PETROLEUM (M) SDN BHD were founded on 2nd February 2010 in Johore Bahru, Johore, Malaysia by successful investor Muhamad Zamirulhakim Bin Johari (CEO & Founder) with a very influential businessman Muhammad Firdaus Bin Md Alauddin Ahmad (Managing Director).Together with their combined ideas,strategies,experiences and influential in business they successfully developed ZAMPRO PETROLEUM (M) SDN BHD  into one of the well-known major local and international leading petroleum trader in the world.

ZAMPRO PETROLEUM (M) SDN BHD have itself an official trader and represents the interests of state-owned and private-owned petroleum producing companies in Asia,Europe & North America.We optimize the value of strategic and commercial petroleum projects and finished product stocks.We coordinates the development and execution of creative and complex petroleum related transactions.We integrate the required combination of specialist skills to derive value from logistics,price risk management,forward market structures and structured trade financing.Our client and counterpart list includes recognized participants in international petroleum trading industry.Our trading book is funded in association with selected top 50 international prime world banks and financial companies.

ZAMPRO PETROLEUM (M) SDN BHD are a market-driven multi-business corporate organisation comprising of member enterprises whose raison d’etre is to create value and generate wealth through entrepreneurial effort.As a Group with tagline “GLOBAL  BUSINESS” we aspire to become one of Malaysia’s leading corporate contributors to national and international economic growth and prosperity.This is to be achieved principally through growing strategic businesses that can enhance Malaysia’s competitive position in the increasingly globalised market,as well as meeting with the continuous expansion in demand for quality products and services.Additionally,through a clearly defined Intrapreneuring Program,we strive to also release entrerpreneurial energies,harness creativity and innovation from among talented individuals,enabling them to establish and build businesses that can similarly create entrepreneurial career opportunities for those involved and to support our corporate growth as well.This Intrapreneuring Program is fully market-driven and is structured on venture capital format.Collectively,over time,we aspire to build ZAMPRO PETROLEUM (M) SDN BHD  into a Community of Enterprises in more than one sense of the word.In the long run,we also aim to add value to Malaysia’s social capital so critical for national cohesion and continued political stability and integrity.In this effort we are therefore pioneering an institutional corporate concept that combines the pursuit for profits and cash flow and the accumulation of assets and wealth on the one hand,with the realisation of Malaysia’s broader national aspirations and equity agenda on the other.Most of all,we believe all these can be achieved through corporate means and strictly business-driven methods.

We are therefore above all :

                *A corporate organisation spawning member enterprises that create and add value and are result-oriented,yet people-focused,maximising opportunities for all levels of its people to express their entrepreneurial energies and business creativity.

                *An entrepreneurial business organisation that promises a business and corporate career opportunity for talented individuals to rise to his/her highest performance level,to be matched by the pace and scope of business growth of each of its member enterprise.

                *A Community of Enterprises that respect the deeper social values that binds the organisation to its roots within the larger Malaysian community.We fully recognise that these values need to be integrated and synthesised into ZAMPRO corporate life before the powerful motivational driving force inherent within these values can be harnessed to get maximum results from its people.

                *A values-driven business entity peopled largely by Malaysians of the Islamic faith that takes upon itself the exciting challenge of successfully integrating the fundamentals of Islamic values into corporate practice.The formidable task beforeZAMPRO is to adapt and synthesise these values to ensure business relevance,yet sustain their integrity and meaning.The exercise will expose the Group to the extreme test of maintaining corporate coherence and to ultimately translate all these efforts to measure up in terms of business results and outstanding corporate performance.

                *A learning business organisation aspiring to similarly integrate the best management practices,the drive for quality,the thirst for knowledge and mastery over competencies and relevant technology into the day-to-day life and activities of member enterprises.This tremendous challenge therefore demands the deliberate institutionalisation of a dynamic and vibrant corporate culture and infusing elements of change and continuous adaptation into the Group’s corporate life.

               *A corporate entity contributing to Malaysia’s economic growth and towards bridging economic divides and alleviating impact from distortions imposed upon society by the economic system.This can be achieved through our presence as a corporate "trust" institution and through the value premise underlying our intrapreneuring concept.

              *A corporate institution actively cultivating and sustaining the trust and faith of all our stakeholders, indeed, of all Malaysians. It is to be achieved, for example, through aligning corporate action with community concerns on current environmental and ecological issues, among others. Such trust and faith is to be ultimately earned from public endorsement of ZAMPRO institutional long-term impact on society and from its performance and behaviour in the market.

 ZAMPRO institutional presence is therefore designed to contribute towards correcting imbalances and mitigating its worst impact on society.As a corporate institution,we aim to minimise the effect of marginalisation of talented members of Malaysian society from the business and corporate mainstream.Hence the offer of entrepreneurial career opportunities particularly to those who would otherwise be alienated simply due to their lack of capital or inaccessibility to exclusive corporate networks.When all is said and done,we are hopeful that Malaysians will indeed recognise that the Group’s pursuit for business success and corporate critical mass will not in the long run end up only in exacerbating the universal capitalistic outcome of gross social and economic inequality in society.